Company established in 1948 as CANFARI in a small workshop in Milan as mechanical engineering outsourcer. Throughout its lifespan, the company has been dedicated to precision engineering.
Since 1985 it has expanded as CABO S.r.l. in a 600 m2 facility, with the addition of CNC machine tools and the first CAM area. This has made possible the quality and production growth of parts and finished products.
This is where the technical department was set up, aimed at industrial research and design and where the CAM area was extended for production with CNC machines.
Today, the company boasts a 2000 m2 facility with an equipped workshop and cutting-edge technology machinery, and a 1000 m2 assembly shop.
Many years of experience and repeated success have resulted in CABO strengthening its experience in the precision engineering sector and becoming a reliable benchmark for its Customers.
Among the numerous services provided by our production and technical departments are design, production, assembly, mechanical component testing, units and finished machines on request.
As manufacturers at European and global level, backed by constantly improving production and assembly departments, and a cutting-edge technical department, we are always ready to cater to your requirements, exploiting quality, reliability and flexibility, the strong points of our job.